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Welcome to Gender Revealer Australia

Welcome to Gender Revealer Australia
Based in Preston, Victoria, Australia - our company provides Fireworks, Pyrotechnics and Special Effects for the Music, Events and Entertainment Industries all across Australia - With all outdoor and indoor events and social gatherings (including weddings, music shows, theatre, nightclubs and festivals) having been restricted and/or not permitted throughout Australia - to pivot and adapt with these restrictions on events and social gatherings and effect COVID has had on our business  – we have developed this new online store, brand ‘Gender Revealer Australia’ with a complimentary and exclusive range of products and special effects specifically for Gender Reveal Parties and Celebrations.

Gender Reveal Parties have been ever increasing in popularity since its inception and rather than just a fad or trend have become a staple event for expecting parents to reveal the gender of their little one to family, friends and loved ones. Forecasted with a promising potential coronavirus baby boom predicted as the world has gone into lockdown as well as with all the restrictions and limitations on celebrations and family gatherings, the smaller moments in life will be the most special, any excuse to celebrate will be important, our range of products will make special moments even more memorable and being able to have a Gender Reveal party virtually on ZOOM, SKYPE or similar if lockdowns and restrictions continue so that a special moment and excitement and surprise can be still shared with loved ones.

As we are already very experienced in events and special effects, creating a new online store with products that are specifically for Gender Reveals is just one way that we still get to help create special memories in a colourful and fun way that is still at the core of our business. Fireworks, Pyrotechnics and Special Effects.

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Stay safe, take care and thanks again!

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