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Twins Gender Reveal

Twins Gender Reveal

Popping into our showroom direct from the obstetrician, a sealed envelope is passed to our team, its TWINS! 3 Combinations, 2 Boys / 2 Girls or 1 of each! What could it be?! Our combination cannons are prepared secretly on the spot with a mix of Coloured Powder, Paper Confetti and Surprise! No one except our team will know until the cannons are released... How Exciting! 


Our Gender Reveal Combination Cannons shoot a colourful explosion of non-toxic, water-soluble powder and paper flutter confetti. Easy to use and will make your celebration incredibly memorable. The combination of confetti and coloured smoke creates a unique effect and an impressive and stunning cloud of colour. Blue or Pink?

We specifically designed these so you can not tell which color will be popping out until the shocking reveal - Just hold with one hand while you use the other hand to simply twist the bottom.

Order them via this link:

"The cannons worked really well at our gender reveal. Attached is a video and photo. Thank you for all your help."


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